ALAPOS focuses on cultural diversity.

But this is just one aspect of our daily work. Our aim is to find the best and most suitable staff for your business. Through years of professional experience at the regional and international scene our teachers are familiar with the situation of foreign-language employees in the foreign country. Their professional background helps them to understand both sides of the coin. With their know-how on worldwide labour markets workers from abroad will receive the necessary support to reach their full man-power (for the German labour market). From personal experience our teachers know the problems that are to be anticipated when non-natives approach a foreign job market. On this basis, they can assess the employee’s situation as well as take appropriate action if needed.

For employers we offer the following services: – Professional language and cultural training of employees and workers before start of employment – Suggestions of suitable candidates on request – Placement of foreign language workers of different nationalities – Specialized language courses (marketing, office communication, etc.) in the form of in-house trainings – Intercultural mediation if problems appear at work – Free job listings for the search of suitable candidates at

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