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Do you want to live and work in Germany for a while?

This course focuses on the most important aspects that you will need for a successful step in the German job market. One part of the course is a German language training: Here you will learn the specific vocabulary that is needed for your future job regardless whether you will be working in a commercial or medical business or in the service trade.

No matter how you are deciding: This course provides the information you will need to start successfully in the working field of your choice that we will ask of you before the course starts. Each day of the course is dedicated to a different profession: you will learn the necessary specialized vocabulary as well as obtain an overview of the different ways to each particular profession. We will also focus on grammar and conversation. In addition, you will receive a cross-cultural training that familiarizes you with the German working culture and provides essential dos and don’ts for the German business world. Are the Germans really so cold? What distinguishes their working culture from the one in your home country? We have the answers to all these questions!

“Working in Germany” also provides an intensive application training. You will learn, for example, how to write a professional application letter and how to organize your application documents to appeal future employers.

In addition to these first-mentioned aspects you will receive a variety of important tips and tricks for your job search and about living in Germany. Your teachers are highly qualified, come from Barcelona and Berlin and are looking forward to you!

Let´s work together!

Course Dates:
Location: (detailed information will be published soon)
Course Fee: 99 Euro (1 week, 20 hours (60 minutes each), all materials included)

Intensive Course “Working in Germany” for Catalans